Wednesday, 20 July 2011

It's a funny old world........

We have been nominated by the AONB, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, for a Best Design and Building Conversion award


......the Planning department of Northumberland County Council have refused our application for our signage because "it's appearance is unsuitable for its setting adjoining the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty"

So do come and visit, but I'm afraid we can't tell you where we are..........


  1. Could you set up some sort of high decibel emitter and we could just follow the sound of all the howling dogs - I'm sure the council would love that!

  2. Says it all really! Hope it's all going well for you Fred x

  3. Might I suggest a trail of breadcrumbs???

    ps the word verification is "Flationi" which sounds to me sas if it has the potential to be an Italian word whcih may well be useful in describing the council.. nothing but a load of re-constructed flationi..etc play with it I think it will work.

  4. What nonsense. It's a very attractive sign. How stupid the councils are.

  5. Is that the sign? Maybe you could persuade the first body to write to the second. Then alter something trivial and resubmit. Good luck.

  6. Lucky me, I know the way and will not need a signpost... if I manage to come across before old friend Alzheimer lets me forget.
    I can only shake my head about all this bureaucracy rubbish. But it is certainly like here: En persévérant on arrive à tout!

  7. Grrr. Makes one want to spit.

  8. Oh aren't they the pits. Mind you I'm pleased it isn't just Argyll & Bute Planning who are blinkered, uneducated, perfectly stoopid twits!
    Lovely sign & lovely blog. Maybe one day I@ll make it down.

  9. A pox on all planning departments...
    What joyless, miserable people that seem to want to curb energy, inventiveness and entrepreneurship at every turn...