Monday, 22 August 2011

Are you being served?

Well, actually, no, not always.

They do say experience is the name people give to their mistakes.

A brief blog of attrition and apology to the lady who came into the shop in the mayhem that was last Thursday. Somehow, amidst the coffee drinkers and the shoppers, you never did get your coffee.

Apologies, red faces and experience all round.


  1. Fred, you are a truly sweet and considerate shop keeper to write such a message.

    It is so very difficult to keep all those juggled oranges sweeping through the air, and even tougher to do so when some of them get set on fire.

    Best wishes to you and the byre. xo

  2. To err is forgive is too divine... Hope she reads this. :) xxxx

  3. If you never got your coffee
    (Hot and sweet, colour of toffee)
    'Twasn't that we didn't care
    Mistakes like that are precious rare
    It was just the stars and Thursday's mayhem
    And the staff (why do I pay 'em?)
    But nom I mustn't blame Anoulka
    It was me, so mea culpa.

  4. I sure hope she reads this - you are very sweet to publish it!

  5. Ah bet she had a ball watching, listening and soaking up the lovely atmosphere anyway xx

  6. Wonderful to meet you and thank you for your amazing hospitality. We had just the most perfect few hours unwinding and chatting to both you and Debbie. Do drop by if you are ever near Boroughbridge. As promised I have written a piece on my blog to share Eleanor's Byre and Spitalford cottage with our readers - I hope it encourages others to enjoy some time out! All the very best and I am sure your wonderful business will continue to grow. Warmest wishes Sian.