Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside...

Handmade porcelain jug by Katie Almond, ceramic sandcastle bowl by Green & Blue.

Waterproof backed, pure wool picnic rugs from Tweedmill.

Handmade felt heart by Angel Bill Trading.


  1. Just wishing I could be on the seaside nearby - the goodies I just know I'd find!

  2. What does one do with a ceramic sandcastle bowl in white, I am wondering? Do you use it to make sandcastles - or jellies, I suppose in the kitchen, or rather set blancmanges perhaps (and whatever happened to blancmange? - we had it every day as children and yet today you hardly ever see it. I used to like it still warm and liquid - but I digress) but it would be heavy, wouldn't it to cart to the beach where it might easily be broken leaving shards of ceramic to bite some unfortunate's foot. Yet if not so designed, then for what? If it is, as it says, a bowl, then which way up is it used? Is there a little indentation in the top into which you pour soup - handy perhaps if you have a stiff neck but a little also like drinking from a potty. And if the other way up? Well I suppose it would do for dogs. But I fear I am being both stupid and facetious, 'twas ever thus, I'm afraid.

  3. Fennie, with an imagination like yours I'm surprised you need ask. And please don't mention blancmange. Surely that is a step too far - for anyone.

  4. The shop looks as lovely as ever...